Changing your personal debt for a business credit has become easier than you imagine. Although 80% of entrepreneurs use personal credit to finance their business projects, there are currently different credit options created for small and medium enterprises.

In Konfío we have developed, in addition to business credit, a new option for those SMEs that have requested personal credit to finance their companies. Now you can convert that personal debt into a growth vehicle for your business.

And maybe you wonder, how does acquiring the right business credit benefit you? The main benefit is that you will pay less interest. We share other benefits you can get.

You will consolidate your credits in a single debt

You will consolidate your credits in a single debt

By centralizing your debt into a single loan, you can have more control and improve your credit history. In addition to saving on interest, you will save time making payments at different institutions.

You will have access to better conditions

Having a single credit of a larger amount will bring you benefits in the future. Remember that financial institutions take your history into account to establish the conditions of your credit. So if you have better credit and pay it on time, you can get larger amounts and better interest rates when you want to acquire new financing.

You will have more liquidity

By deciding to transfer your debt into a business credit, you can free up your personal credit cards and improve your liquidity. You can also have more control of your personal finances and keep them separate from the finances of your company.

What do you need to transfer your debt?

What do you need to transfer your debt?


  • Have a personal debt of $ 100,000 and up to $ 800,000 that helped you finance your business.
  • That your business has a minimum of 3 months billing in the Sat.
  • Be the business owner or majority partner.
  • Have a good credit history.

If you meet the requirements to transfer your debt, you can make a comparison so you can see the interest you can save and use to boost your SME.

Business credit is a tool that will boost the exponential growth of your SME. So, if you are still financing your projects with personal loans or credit cards, you are at the right time to transfer your debt and pay less interest.

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